School Staff

"Thank you Emily for another amazing training course.  This will help me when working with the children."  Teacher

"Thank you Emily; an informative and well presented course as always!"  Teacher

"Excellent.  Makes issues seem 'real life' not just for training's sake."   SENCo

"​Emily discusses with parents and I am in attendance.  This shows clear and transparent communication between parents and school and Emily.  These meetings are unhurried and time is allowed for parental questions and explanations."  `Headteacher

"I enjoyed all the training and found the content really useful...ideas to use with the whole class." Primary teacher 

"Most enjoyed the strategies to use with the children and understanding the reasons behind certain behaviours." Primary teacher 

" Very nice people - realistic and empathic." ​ Primary teacher 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  The content was brilliant."  Primary teacher

​“5 stars! We cannot recommend Emily, Anna and the whole EPE team enough. We are now coming into our second year working with the team during which we have received fantastic training which our staff found incredibly useful. However the main reason for my 5 stars is the amazing support our young people get from the team. Thorough, detailed, sensitive assessments with fantastic follow up strategies and sessions. Thank you team EPE.” Primary SENCo


"Thank you for the support you have given our son.  You have also helped us to understand a few things along the way.  You are truly great at your job!"  Parent  

"Thank you for providing our family with your knowledge, understanding and advice in our time of need. Your non judgemental approach sets everyone involved at ease. We now have a great range of strategies in place to support our daughter. She has gained a greater understanding of her feelings and how they are linked to her behaviour. As a result of your input she is now able to speak more openly about her feelings and manage them appropriately.  Many many thanks." Parent 

Children & Young People

"When I first started this work I felt angry all the time.  I feel better now I have some strategies to calm myself down.  Doing this has helped me get my life back on track."  14 year old​​