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Service to... 

educational settings

EPE will offer services to educational settings at the Universal (Whole Setting), Targeted (Group) and Specialist (Individual) levels to support education settings in meeting their responsibilities under their council’s Local Offer.
Universal Support: - Universal Training
- Staff Problem Solving & Meeting Facilitation
- Staff Supervision and Support Sessions
​- Parent Support Sessions
- Whole School Assessments
- Development of Universal Policies
- Development of Universal Practices:
- Universal Research Projects & Evaluations: Targeted Support: - Targeted Training
- Whole Group / Class Assessments
- Whole Group / Class Interventions - Development of Targeted Practices
- Targeted Research & Evaluations: Specialist Support:
- Consultations
- Attendance at Meetings
- Observations
- Home Visits - Assessments - Interventions
- Therapeutic Work
- Mentoring
- Development of Specialist Practices
- Resources
- Specialist Research & Evaluations

Service to...

other services who work to support children & young people

EPE will offer services and support to other services who work to support children & young people e.g.Health Services, Social Care Services.

Support for these Services will include the following:- Training
- Staff Supervision and Support Sessions

Service to...

parents / carers & young people over 18

EPE will offer services direct to parents and carers. These Services include:

​- Consultations

​- Observations

- Assessments

- Interventions

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

- Solution Focused Brief Therapy

- Play Therapy